Fancy Text Effects with WordArt

Summary: Create some eye-catching text in Microsoft Word 2000 for your advertisements or newsletters.

If you need some fancy text, perhaps for a title for a flyer or mail-out, try using Microsoft Word 2000’s “WordArt” feature.

Click the “View” menu, select “Toolbars”, and check the “WordArt” toolbar if it is not already checked. Click where you would like the fancy text entered. Now, find the “WordArt” toolbar in Word 2000. Click the “A” button on this toolbar. A “WordArt Gallery” dialog box will follow. Select how you would like the text to look and press “OK”. Now, an “Edit WordArt Text” dialog box follows. From here, you can change the text font, size, etc., and enter the text that you want displayed. When you are done, press “OK”. Afterwards, your desired text, in the format that you chose, will appear in your document. Click and drag the “WordArt” to move it around, if desired.