Add a Drop Cap

Summary: Add a Drop Cap for added flair in your Word 2007 documents.

For artistic reasons or to separate groups of text, you may choose to add a drop cap to one or more of your paragraphs. A drop cap is simply the first letter of a line or paragraph of text written in a larger font.

Example of a Drop Cap in a Word 2007 document

To insert a drop cap in a Microsoft Word 2007 document:

1. Move your cursor to the line or paragraph where a drop cap should appear.

2. Click the “Insert” tab in the ribbon at the top of Word 2007.

3. In the “Text” group, select the “Drop Cap” command.

4. Select whether you want a “Dropped” or “In Margin” drop cap, and you can also select whether to remove a previously-placed drop cap. Or, click “Drop Cap Options” for more advanced options including:

* Drop Cap Font
* Lines to Drop
* Distance from the Drop Cap to the rest of the text