Microsoft Word 2003 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Microsoft Word 2003 help and tips. Topics include hyperlinks, item captions, Smart Tags, sorting text, and more.

* Stop Auto-Correcting Ordinal Numbers
Force Word 2003 to stop replacing ordinal numbers such as 1st and 2nd.

* Sort Text with a Header Row
Prevent a header row from getting sorted inside a list of text in a Word 2003 document.

* Clear Text Formatting
Three ways to clear formatting from the selected text.

* Toggle the Status Bar
Toggle displaying the status bar in Microsoft Word 2003

* Create Fancier Tables
Use Word 2003’s AutoFormat feature to create fancier tables.

* Change Your User Information
Change your user information that gets placed inside Word 2003 documents.

* Show All Available Menu Commands
Force Microsoft Word 2003 to show all menu options available, not just the ones it thinks are the most used.

* Disable AutoComplete Suggestions
Prevent Microsoft Word 2003 from displaying pop-ups when it thinks you want it to automatically suggest certain words or phrases.

* Preview Your Document as a Web Page
See how your Word document will appear over the Internet.

* Remember More Files
Let Microsoft Word 2003 remember more recently used files.

* Automatically Caption Inserted Items
Save time adding captions to inserted graphs, charts, and other items in Microsoft Word 2003 documents by having Word do so automatically.

* Change Styles on the Fly
Update styles in your Word 2003 documents without going through multiple configuration screens.

* Remove Smart Tags from Saved Documents
Keep Word 2003 documents from storing Smart Tag information.

* Separate Text into Columns
Step-by-step instructions for Microsoft Word 2003 users – place text inside columns.

* Ref or MERGEFORMAT in Documents
Seeing the text “Ref” or “MERGEFORMAT” in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents? Here’s a fix.

* Help is Not Showing Online Content
Microsoft Word 2003 should show updated help information from the Internet. If this doesn’t display, perform the following tweak.

* Remember Shortcut Keys
Learn Word 2003 shortcut keys for virtually any operation.

* Insert a Page Break
Force text in a Microsoft Word 2003 document to start on the following page by adding page breaks.

* Stop Requiring CTRL – Click
Visit hyperlinks in Microsoft Word 2003 without holding down the CTRL key.

* Inserting Page Numbers
Automatically add page numbers to your Word 2003 documents.

* Easy Table Creation
Create a table in Microsoft Word 2003 without clicking and editing data in each cell.

* Stop Hyperlinking Web Address URLs
Keep Word 2003 from automatically turning web addresses in your documents into live hyperlinks.

* Add a Dividing Line in your Document
Add a variety of dividing line styles to your Microsoft Word 2003 document.

* Repair Word 2003
Repair Word 2003 shortcut and settings problems.

* Obtain the Current Document’s File Size
Find out how much room a Microsoft Word 2003 document takes on disk.

* Display the Word Count
Count the number of words, paragraphs, lines, or pages that make up your Microsoft Word 2003 document.

* UNCAPPING TEXT and Changing Text Case
Take uppercase text in Microsoft Word 2003 documents and convert it to ‘normal’.

* Save Document Properties on First Save
Force Word 2003 to ask you for extended document properties.

* Change Your Document’s Background Color
Make your Microsoft Word 2003 documents crimson, violet, indigo, or whatever.

* View and Compare Formatting
View a Microsoft Word 2003 document’s section formatting and compare it to other sections or text.

* Go Metric
Force Word 2003’s ruler to use metric measurements.

* Add a Table of Contents
Make it easier for readers to find key sections of your Word 2003 documents.

* Save or Close All Open Documents At Once
Need to save or close all open Microsoft Word 2003 documents simultaneously? This shortcut may help.

* Sorting Text
Sort names and other text in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

* Add a Drop Cap
Add a stylish drop cap to your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.