Microsoft Word 2003 Document Viewing and Navigation

Microsoft Word 2003 topics including toggling on-screen elements,viewing page thumbnails, zoom, and more.

* Small Arrows Appearing When Pressing Tab Key
Remove pesky arrows that may appear in your Word 2003 documents whenever you press the tab key.

* Tile Multiple Documents Onscreen
Quickly tile multiple Word documents so they can all be viewed onscreen.

* Toggle Vertical Ruler
Toggle displaying a vertical ruler in print and web layouts.

* Hide White Space in Print Layout
Fit more of your Microsoft Word 2003 documents onscreen by removing white space.

* Speed the Display of Complex Documents
Keep complex documents from slowing down Microsoft Word 2003.

* View in Full-Screen Mode
Use more of your screen real estate to edit a Microsoft Word 2003 document.

* Jump Between Words and Paragraphs
Keyboard shortcuts to help you more quickly navigate Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

* Easily Navigate Headings in Complex Documents
Open a map next to complex Microsoft Word 2003 documents for easier navigation.

* Work on Two Separate Document Sections
View or edit two different parts of a Microsoft Word 2003 document simultaneously.

* Compare Documents Side By Side
Need to manually merge changes between two Microsoft Word 2003 documents? Compare them next to each other.

* Hide the Ruler
Turn off the ruler shown next to Microsoft Word 2003 documents for more screen real-estate.

* Disable Reading Layout
Prevent Word 2003’s Reading Layout for more accurate-looking documents onscreen.

* Quickly Navigate Your Documents
Use Microsoft Word 2003’s Go To feature to jump through complex documents.

* Remove the Scroll Bars
Hide Word 2003’s scroll bars to increase document-editing space.

* View Page Thumbnails
Diagnose Word 2003 page layout issues by viewing thumbnails.

* View Snapshots of Many Pages of Your Document Simultaneously
Get a snapshot of how most, if not all, of your Word 2003 document appears.

* Speed up Document Opening by Not Updating Links
Speed up slow document loads in Microsoft Word 2003 by preventing automatic link updating.

* Remove ‘Getting Started’ Pane
Disable the “Getting Started” pane that appears when running Microsoft Word 2003.