Gain a Few Extra Pixels; Disable the Vertical Scroll Bar

SUMMARY: Turning off Word 2010’s vertical scroll bar may make it easier to view/edit documents without having to scroll horizontally.

If you have a smaller monitor or zoom past 100% to view and edit yourMicrosoft Word 2010 documents, you may be forced to scroll horizontally as the entire page width cannot be viewed onscreen.If you need just a few more pixels to keep from having to scroll through your documents horizontally, how about removing the vertical scroll bar? If you don’t need it to navigate through your documents via the mouse (remember Page Up andPage Down work as well as your cursor keys), hide it by doing the following:

1. Select the “File” tab in the Ribbon.

2. The Microsoft Office Backstage View appears. Click the “Options” button.word-2010-backstage-view-options-button
(Or instead of steps 1 and 2, press Alt + T, then the letter O.)

3. The “Word Options” dialog box appears. Click “Advanced” in the left pane.

4. In the right pane, underneath “Display” (you may have to scroll down), uncheck “Show vertical scroll bar”.

5. Click “OK” on the bottom-right of the dialog box to close it.