Format Cells as Currency

Summary: Mark particular Excel 2007 values as various types of currency.

Very often numerical values in a Microsoft Excel 2007 spreadsheet reflect currency. Cells reflecting this trait can be designated as such, including various currency symbols as needed.

1. Click on a cell, or select a group of cells, reflecting values of currency.

2. Click the “Home” tab in the ribbon at the top of Excel 2007.

3. In the “Number” group, click the “Accounting Number Format” button. This looks like a “$”. Note the screenshot to the right.

4. Choose one of the listed accounting formats. Or click “More Accounting Formats” to display the “Format Cells” dialog box for more options.

* Choose the “Currency” or “Accounting” category in the left pane. While “Currency” provides more options, the “Accounting” category allows Excel 2007 to format the symbols and decimal points in a column.

* Choose the number of decimal points and currency symbol required.

* If you picked the “Currency” category, an additional option allows you to decide how cells with negative numbers are displayed. You can choose a minus sign prefix, the cell colored red, the cell surrounded by parentheses, or the cell colored red and surrounded by parentheses.

* When done with the “Format Cells” dialog box, click “OK”.

For example, note the below spreadsheet of four salespeople’s quarterly earnings. The cell values are formatted with the “Accounting” category, symbolized by the dollar sign and displayed with zero decimal places.