For Worksheet Drafts Print Default Headings And / Or Gridlines

SUMMARY: Don’t want to spend time manually creating border lines or headers for a particular draft worksheet? Have Excel 2010 print default gridlines and column headings.

 Though a simple tip, if you didn’t know how to do this before, you’ll be happy to know this option is available. By default, Microsoft Excel 2010 does not print gridlines, expecting that you will add your own borders to presented data. The letter column headings are also not printed, as you are expected to create your own descriptors for data.

Sometimes you may be working on an in-progress worksheet or one where time is of the essence and the worksheet style does not matter. In these situations you can quickly toggle the printout of gridlines and headings to help organize your data:

Example of a worksheet in Excel 2010 with gridlines and headings printed

1. Click the “Page Layout” tab in the Ribbon.

2. Inside the “Sheet Options” section, check the “Print” checkboxes underneath “Gridlines” and/or “Headings” as desired.