Create Lists Without the Ribbon

SUMMARY: Create bulleted, numbered, and multilevel (such as outline) lists without using the Ribbon.

Do you often need to create bulleted, numbered, and multilevel (e.g. outline) lists in your Microsoft Word 2010 documents?

Forgo the Ribbon and create lists just by typing. Word 2010 automatically converts the following characters into a list and will format your text appropriately. Note that to end a list, press the Enter key twice. Pressing Shift+Enter goes to the next line without advancing the list counter.

Bulleted Lists:

Press an asterisk and a space and Word 2010 converts it to a bullet. A dash and a space is converted to a dash “bullet”.

These can be turned into multi-level lists with different bullet graphics used for the levels – see below.

Numbered Lists:

There are several combinations that turn on numbered lists in slightly different number formats, including:


These can be turned into multi-level lists – see below.

Multi-level Lists:

Many combinations of characters create multi-level / outline lists, including:


Note: while inside a multi-level list (or to convert a list to multi-level), press TAB to switch to the next level. Press Shift+Tab to go back up a level.

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