Microsoft Word 2003 Lists

Stop Automatically Creating Lists

Summary: Force Microsoft Word 2003 to stop creating lists every time you start a sentence with an asterisk, dash or number.

Whenever you type in a line of text starting with an asterisk, dash, or a line of text starting with 1) or 1. , Microsoft Word 2003 automatically tries to create bulleted or numerical lists, respectively.

To see what I mean, type the following into Microsoft Word 2003:

* Test

The asterisk will turn into a list. Maybe this isn't what you want!

Type in the following into Microsoft Word 2003:

1) This is a test.

Immediately your text will be indented and 2) will appear underneath. Perhaps you don't want this to happen!

To force Microsoft Word 2003 to skip this potentially-annoying behavior, do the following:

1. Select "Tools" - "AutoCorrect Options".

2. When the "AutoCorrect" multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the "AutoFormat" tab.

3. Underneath "Apply", uncheck "Automatic bulleted lists".

4. Click the "AutoFormat As You Type" tab.

5. Underneath "Apply as you type", uncheck "Automatic bulleted lists" and "Automatic numbered lists".

6. Click "OK" to save your settings.

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Last Modified on: July 20, 2008, at 4:43 P.M. EDT

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