Inserting Page Numbers – Microsoft Word 2003 Miscellaneous

Inserting Page Numbers

Summary: Automatically add page numbers to your Word 2003 documents.

Creating a large Word 2003 document? To ensure it gets bound correctly after printing, and to help with document navigation, add automatic page numbering to the document. It’s quick and easy.

1. Click “Insert” – “Page Numbers”.
2. The “Page Numbers” dialog box will appear. You can make several options.

* Click the “Position” pull-down to move page numbers from the bottom to top of the page.

* Click the “Alignment” pull-down to put page numbers on the left, center, or right side of the page. You can also select “Inside” to alternate page numbers from the right to left side of the page, or “Outside” to alternate page numbers from the left to right side of the page. The latter two options work best if you plan on printing on both sides of the paper and binding a large document as a book.

* Check or uncheck “Show number on first page” as desired.

* Click the “Format” button to bring up the “Page Number Format” dialog box. From here, you can click the “Number format” to change how the page numbers look in your document. Other options involve including the chapter number and restarting page numbering from a particular number.

* Click “OK” to close the dialog box and add page numbers, or click “Cancel” to abort the page number insertion process.