Microsoft Word 2003 Miscellaneous

Automatically Caption Inserted Items

Summary: Save time adding captions to inserted graphs, charts, and other items in Microsoft Word 2003 documents by having Word do so automatically.

Instead of manually adding descriptive captions every time you insert a chart, graph, photo, multimedia object, or other item in your Word 2003 document, you can have Word 2003 automatically add captions for you.

1. Click “Insert” – “Reference” – “Caption”.

2. When the “Caption” dialog box appears, click “AutoCaption”.

3. An “AutoCaption” dialog box will appear. Check the items, such as “Bitmap Image”, “Microsoft Graph Chart”, and/or “Microsoft Word Table” that you want automatically captioned when you insert them in your Word 2003 document.

4. Select each item and decide in the pull-down underneath “Use label” the label you want to use for each caption. Then, click the “Position” pull-down to choose whether to display the caption below or above the object.

5. If desired, click “New Label” to enter a new auto-caption label text, such as “Figure” or “Graph”.

6. If desired, click the “Numbering” button to choose how you would like the numbers formatted.

7. Click “OK” to close the “AutoCaption” dialog box.