Microsoft Word 2003 Spelling and Grammar

This category covers tips involving Microsoft Word 2003's spelling and grammar tools, including enabling or disabling its features.

* Toggle Ignoring Spellchecking Internet Addresses
Configure whether Microsoft Word 2003 should check the spelling of Internet addresses.

* Toggle Checking Grammar and Spelling
Prevent red and green squiggly lines from appearing underneath words in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents. This may also lower your laptop's battery usage.

* Spell Check Words with Numbers
Force Microsoft Word 2003 to suggest corrections for misspelled words containing numbers.

* Disable Smart Tags
Keep Smart Tags from appearing in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

* Show Document Readability Statistics
Microsoft Word 2003 can provide rough estimates on how easy your document is to read.

* Look up a Word Online
Define a word online using Microsoft Word 2003.

* Uppercase Words and Spell Check
Allow Microsoft Word 2003's spellchecker to proof words typed in all caps.

* Do Not Proofread Certain Text
Speed up your computer by preventing Microsoft Word 2003 from proofreading large documents.

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