Microsoft Word 2003 Security and Privacy

Help maintain security and privacy when using Microsoft Word 2003. Remove the recently used file list, adjust macro virus protection, remove personal information from documents, and more.

* Warn Before Printing or Distributing Documents with Tracked Changes
Help prevent embarrassing comments and changes from appearing in distributed Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

* Create Backup Copies of All Documents
Force Microsoft Word 2003 to automatically create backup copies of your edited documents.

* Remove Recently Used File List
For privacy, prevent Microsoft Word 2003 from remembering the most recently-used filenames.

* Password-Protect a Document
Help keep unauthorized users from reading or modifying your Word 2003 documents.

* Prevent Data Loss When Saving Files Over Networks
Help ensure network downtime does not result in data loss in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

* Check for Updates Online
Update Word 2003 - find security updates and new features.

* Recommend a Document Not Be Modified
Force Microsoft Word 2003 to prompt whenever a document is opened that it should not be modified but opened in "read-only" mode.

* Remove Personal Information from a File
Remove your name and that of those who made changes from your Word 2003 documents.

* Get Updated!
Patch known security exploits in Word 2003.

* Increase or Decrease Macro Virus Protection
Allow Microsoft Word 2003 to help prevent against macro virus attacks.

* Prevent Accidental Changes to Normal Template
Help prevent accidental keystrokes or macro viruses from changing your Microsoft Word defaults.

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