Microsoft Word 2003 Pictures and WordArt

Tips and tricks with pictures and WordArt in Microsoft Word 2003. Add colorful text, acquire photos from your digital camera, insert organizational charts, and more.

* Quickly Insert a Chart in Your Document
Add bar charts, line charts, and pie charts to your Word 2003 documents.

* Grayscale an Image
Convert an image in your Word 2003 document to grayscale.

* Quickly Add a Picture to your Document
Step-by-step instructions for adding an on-screen picture to your Word 2003 document.

* Give Your Documents a Background Picture
Add pizzazz to your Word 2003 documents by inserting a background picture or photograph.

* Speed up Displaying Documents with Many Graphics
Speed up the display of complex graphic-rich documents in Microsoft Word 2003.

* Diagrams
Quickly insert pyramid diagrams, radial diagrams, and more into your Word 2003 documents.

* Insert Fancy Text in Your Documents
Insert attention-grabbing text, WordArt, in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

* Insert an Organizational Chart
Quickly add organizational charts to your Word 2003 documents, and learn how to spice them up.

* Acquire a Picture from your Scanner or Digital Camera
Insert pictures from your scanner or digital camera directly into your Microsoft Word 2003 documents.

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