Microsoft Word 2003 Lists

Information on using lists with Microsoft Word 2003. Topics include list numbering, list bullets, and making lists more readable.

* Change How Numbered Lists are Prefixed
Instead of displaying lists with each item prefixed by "1,2,3", use "First, Second, Third" or other number styles.

* Change the List Numbering Font
Use a different font and style for numbers preceding items in lists.

* Remove List Formatting
Remove list formatting from a partial or entire list in Word 2003 documents.

* Stop Automatically Creating Lists
Force Microsoft Word 2003 to stop creating lists every time you start a sentence with an asterisk, dash or number.

* Create Blank Lines in Lists
Add white space to your Word 2003 lists, making them more readable.

* Use Different Bullet Characters for Lists
Change your bullet character in Microsoft Word 2003 lists from a circle to something colorful that stands out.

* Restart List Numbering
Fix list numbering problems in Word 2003 documents.

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