Microsoft Word 2003 Fonts

Tips and tricks regarding font usage in Microsoft Word 2003. Embedding fonts, making text wider, speeding up the font display, font troubleshooting, and more.

* Give me a Font and a Half Point
Font sizes in Microsoft Word 2003 documents can include half a point.

* Apply Small Caps to Text
Apply Word 2003's Small Caps feature to titles and other text that needs to stand out.

* Raise or Lower Text
For emphasis, you can raise or lower blocks of text in your Word 2003 documents.

* Engraved or Embossed Text
Add stylish engraved or embossed text inside your Word 2003 documents.

* More Underlining Tips
Perform different types of text underlining using the keyboard.

* I Have Lost All My Fonts!
Editing or viewing Microsoft Word 2003 documents and the only available fonts that appear are Device Fonts? Here's how you can solve this problem.

* Create Wide Text
Creating a sign, poster, or other advertisement with Microsoft Word 2003? Make text that stands out from the rest.

* Disable Animated Text
Keep your text from blinking, lighting up, and sparkling.

* Save Space Embedding TrueType Fonts
Create redistributable Microsoft Word 2003 documents with embedded TrueType fonts that take up less room on a hard disk.

* Speed Up Font Display Pull-Down
If you have many fonts on your system, this tip can remove a possible delay when writing documents in Word 2003.

* Add Blinking Lights Around Your Text
Add lights and sparkles to make your Word 2003 document stand out.

* Wavy Underlines, Double Underlines, and More
Underline selected text with waves, dots, double-underlines, colored underlines, and more.

* Embed Fonts so Others Can View Your Document
Develop complex Word 2003 documents with multiple fonts that others can easily view.

* Change the Draft Font
Quickly preview your Microsoft Word 2003 documents with fonts other than Courier New.

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