Microsoft Word 2003 Compatibility and Other Word Processors

Tips on compatibility and other issues between Microsoft Word 2003 and other word processors.

* Microsoft Word is not Properly Converting Word Processing Documents
Help Microsoft Word 2003 correctly convert documents from other word processing formats.

* More Help for WordPerfect Users
Transitioning to Word 2003 from WordPerfect? Read online help to ease the changes.

* Automatically Save Word Files as Different File Types
Work in an office where several different word processors are used? This tip may make it easier to transfer Microsoft Word documents to other computers.

* Create Documents Viewable in Older Versions of Word
Create Word 2003 documents that may be easier to view by those running older versions of the word processor.

* Tips for WordPerfect Users
Make Word 2003 act a little more like WordPerfect while you transition from one word processor to another.

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