Category: Microsoft Excel 2007

Save a Workbook for Older Excel Users

Summary: Save a copy of an Excel 2007 Workbook that older Excel users can view and edit.Read More

Add Num Lock Indicator to Status Bar

Summary: Glance at the bottom of the Excel 2007 window to determine what occurs when pressing keys on the numeric keypad.Read More

Remove All Cell Formatting

Summary: Quickly remove any formatting changes to any or all cells in an Excel 2007 spreadsheet.Read More

Delete a Worksheet from a Workbook

Summary: Remove a worksheet, and its tab, from the current Excel 2007 workbook.Read More

Toggle Scroll Bars

Summary: Hide or show horizontal and vertical scroll bars in the current Excel 2007 workbook.Read More

Toggle Row and Column Headings

Summary: Add more room for your Excel 2007 spreadsheets onscreen by disabling row and column headings.Read More

Colored Worksheet Tabs

Summary: Customize your Excel 2007 spreadsheet’s worksheet tabs with colors.Read More

Navigate to Other Worksheets via the Keyboard

Summary: Switch between worksheets in the active Excel 2007 workbook via keyboard shortcuts.Read More

Toggle Automatic Calculations in Status Bar

Summary: Toggle whether or not Excel 2007 should perform automatic function calculations on selected cells in its status bar.Read More

Modify or Disable Recently Used Documents List

Summary: Modify the number of recent files Excel 2007 remembers, or disable this list entirely.Read More